Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Turning my passion into something profitable...
 Makeup looks started out as a creative outlet for me and slowly evolved into something that completely consumed all my time. When that happened I started to play around with ideas that would help bring in some money to replace the money  I was spending on supplies and equipment. Prints seemed like the perfect idea. So I gt to work researching, trying to find a company that would fit my needs. After a few hiccups,  I've finally found a company I love and I'm very proud of the prints they produce for me.

You can purchase all of these prints, plus paintings at my Etsy shop.

Rob Zombie Illusion Makeup Print

Edward Scissorhands Illusion Makeup Print

Suicide Squad Skull illusion Makeup Print

Upside Down Joker Illusion Makeup Print (Sold Out)

Jack Illusion Makeup Print

Makeup Print "The Glow Must Go On"

Joker Skull Makeup Print

Deadpool Makeup Print

Skull Makeup Print

"Don't Go Chasing" Print of my Waterfall Painting

Prints for my Sunset Painting

Print of my IT Oil Painting

Print of my Owl Oil Painting

Print of my Gorilla Acrylic Painting

 You can find Sherries Customs on...

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Friday, October 16, 2015

Lady Stoneheart Makeup

Lady Stoneheart Makeup. If I'm being totally honest I had no idea who this was when I was asked to create her for a friends Halloween makeup. We only have Internet for TV,  which means just Netflix and Youtube. No Game of Thrones for me. (sad face)