Monday, October 5, 2015

Stitch Dolly

Stitch Dolly, the makeup you almost didn't get to see.....

  This is my least favorite makeup I've ever done. There's just something about her tho, that made me share her with you. She's by no means perfect, she's not even complete. She just grows on you after awhile. So here she is with all her imperfections.

I started my Halloween looks back in September, because I knew October was going to be a busy month and I wanted to have a lot of looks for Halloween. This is one of the first ones I created, along with two more looks that I'm not happy with ( I will share them with you some time in October). I'm telling you this, because I was so mad at myself for being in a funk and creating makeups that I wasn't proud of. I had to shake it off, get out of my head, and out of my own way. I was freaking out over what themes I should do. This had been a problem for me before.  I wanted to mix it up and  do the more popular themes that everyone seems to like. After the third failed look in a row I finally realized this is all mine.... my blog, my makeup looks, my life. If you don't like the looks I put out or the fact that I love skulls and will probably do a bunch of looks with them: then don't follow me, its that simple. I should create the looks I like, with the themes I enjoy. I went back and looked at octoskull. I thought about why I created it and what made that look so successful. It really helped me wake up and get back to a very creative space in my mind.  I have been doing amazing makeups ever since. The September 11th makeup, Zombie Cinderella makeup, Halloween Skull makeup,  Werewolf makeup, a few others that I'm so proud of and beyond excited to share with you, they all came after my little duh moment. lol  I credit those 3 failed makeups, without them I wouldn't have realized the direction I was starting to go in.

I want to share all of my makeups with you guys, even if i don't like them. I think it will force me to try harder and someday I will recreate this one and we can all see how much I've grown as an artist. 

 Products Used

  • Urban Decay- Primer Potion, Electric Palette, Shadow Box Palette
  • Sugar Pill- Burning Heart Palette
  • Kat Von D- Tattoo Liner in Trooper, InnerStellar Palette
  • Elf- Translucent Mattifying Powder
  • Graftobian Pro Paint in White Swan
  • Mehron Paradise Paint in Black
  • Wolfe Faceart FX- Essentials Hydrocolor 12 color palette
  • Icing- Mineral Eye Shimmer
  • Brushes- MadeULook brushes, Naked 2 brush, and craft brushes.

 I didn't take many progress pictures. I did take a bunch after, tho.

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