Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Halloween Skull

This is my winning makeup look for the Halloweentrinity2015 contest. I actually created two other looks for this, both pumpkin skulls. Then after talking to the judges I realized that I wasn't following the rules. So I decided to do a skull themed makeup look.

Contest rules were to create a new look from ONE category (skull, witch, or pumpkin). 
A big thank you to the amazing judges for hosting this contest! Here's their looks they created for each category.
Eva.Lamorte- Witch
Myopulence- Skull
Vannaaaxo- Pumpkin

The winning looks!! There were so many stunning entries check them all out #Halloweentrinity2015

Melvinjr_sfx- Witch

I got to try out my new Mehron and Wolfe fx paints! 

Products Used 
  • Mehron Paradise Paint in- Black, Yellow, LT. Brown, Lime, LT.Green, and Deep Sea
  • Wolfe Faceart FX- Essentials Hydrocolor 12 color palette, skinz palette, monster palette
  • Graftobian Pro Paint in White Swan.
  • Elf- Translucent Mattifying Powder
  • Urban Decay- Smoked Palette
  • Brushes- MadeULook brushes, Ecotools Stippling Brush, Naked 2 brush, Electric palette brush, NYX b22 angled eyeliner brush, and craft brushes.

Most of this look was done using paint. As always, I sketched out the general placement of everything with white face paint. I filled in the skull with Fair from the skinz palette. 

 I then went in with a few colors from the monster and skinz palette and started to add all the shadowing. This is the most time consuming part, getting all the detail just right. The great thing about using paint is if you make a mistake you can always go in and fix it. 

If you look at the 3rd, 4th, and 5th pictures above, you can see that the shadowing became a little to dark under the cheek bone area. It started to change the shape of the skull. I went in with my graftobian white and slowly lightened everything up until I was happy with the shape again. 

  • I can't tell you how much I love Graftobians white!! It is the best blending paint I have. It isn't a bright white,  I use my Wolfe fx white when I need something like that, but it will blend any color beautifully and with very little effort. Any look I've created that has a painting style to it was created using Graftobians white over makeup and/or face paint. I would truly be lost with out it!

A quick little story before you go... 
     It took a lot longer then I wanted to get started that day and by the time I was finished with the six hour makeup the sun had gone down. I usually photograph the final look outside, so I was freaking out. I have terrible lighting in my house it washes everything out and drives me crazy! I loose a bunch of detail and color vibrancy. Anyway, after trying to get a good picture for about an hour walking around the house to all the different lights with no luck. I was ready to drive to someones house and take pictures there! I was not going to let lighting stop me from getting this look on Instagram.
     I went into the garage first to see if the big lights in there would work. It was close to what I needed so walked around taking endless photos until I finally fount the perfect spot and took the photo above. You can see the weird lighting in the photos below it washed out a lot of the details I worked so hard to put in and the light dulled the colors. 

  Nothing like a little photo drama. All That paired with the fact that I did two other looks for this contest that didn't work out, I was beginning to think I wasn't meant to  enter this contest; never mind win! Winning was so far from my mind by the time it came to actually posting the look, I was already working on the next look (Werewolf) and was totally shocked when I went on my Instagram and found it blowing up with congratulations. It made all the struggles worth it.  Thank you so much for all the love and support you guys give me with all of my looks!

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