Friday, May 29, 2015

Waterfall Sugar Skull Step by Step Makeup

  I'm very out of the box in my thinking when it comes to my makeup looks. This Waterfall Sugar Skull Makeup is no exception. The inspiration for this look came from the amazing waterfalls at Waltkins Glen state park in Upstate New York.

Products used 
Bh Cosmetiscs- BH Studio Pro Waterproof Eyeprimer,120 Color Eyeshadow Palette 1st Edition,  BH Party Girl After Hours Eyeshadow Palette, Eyes on the '80s Eyeshadow Palette, and 88 Color Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette.
Nyx- b22 angled eyeliner brush, Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and Black Bean, NYX Le Frou Frou Boudoir Mascara, the slide on, glide on, stay on & definitely a turn on water proof, extreme shine eye liner (what a long name!!) in Pure White and Jet Black.
Graftobian Pro Paint in White Swan.
Mehron Paradise Makeup in Black.
Wolfe Faceart FX- Essentials Hydrocolor 12 color pallet, Sea Green, DK Green, and DK Blue.

  The look was created for @Evangeline.lamortes Half faced sugar skull competition.  I originally wanted to do a totally different look for this, but something kept stopping me from finishing my sketch. I was going to create something owl related. The idea kept feeling forced and forced art never works, I knew a great idea would come to me eventually. So I waited patiently for inspiration...

My fiance Nick and I have been hiking a lot lately. I love being in the woods. There's a peace that comes over me when I'm hiking through beautiful trails. I love it! On one of our hikes I was thinking about the sugar skull makeup and I got the inspiration I was looking for!! I wanted to incorporate one of our favorite hikes into a makeup look and just like that the Waterfall Sugar Skull was born. All I keep thinking is what in the world took me so long to do a nature inspired makeup?!

Thought you guys would get a kick out of this little side note.... The waterfall side was actually much easier for me to paint then the sugar skull side! Crazy right!?

I love doing really detailed, complicated looks. So when I try to do something simple or minimal I get totally lost trying to over complicate things! I just want to go over board and add loads of details. Looking back at this look I would have loved to added more details to the sugar skull, but I had already been working for hours by the time I got to that side. I was ready to keep it simple. 

I'm so glad I made a sketch of this look before I started (I did lear
n from Octoskull! For those of you that read that post. To read the octoskull post click here). I talked a little about the sugar skull side  being more difficult earlier, the sketch helped with that SO much. When I created the first sketch the waterfall side came out great, exactly the way I wanted. 

However, when I got to the sugar skull side and my mind went blank, I just stared at it thinking, "ok now what??" My first attempt was terrible. I had to cut the image down the middle, keeping the waterfall side, line up another piece of paper, and try the sugar skull again. The second time when so much better. I used the sketch as a loose guide line for the look. If some thing's not going to work out, I want to know before I get started, not after. The sketch saved me a lot of time when it came to the actual makeup, because I had already worked all the kinks out.

Waltkins Glen State Park is absolutely breathtaking, Around every corner is a sunning waterfall or beautiful stone work. The Gorge Trail has 19 waterfalls! You can see why this place would bring about inspiration. 

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