Friday, March 6, 2015

Steampunk Earrings

No matter what projects I get into I always seem to come back to my love, jewelry making. These earrings were made from a package of gears I bought from the craft store. I had intended to use them on last years Halloween costume, but I ended up changing the theme and never used them. So I turned them into earrings! 

There's just something exciting to me about taking stand alone pieces like these gears, wiring them all together and creating something new and unique. Yes it's tedious work and I often stop and think, why am I doing this to myself again?! Then I see my finished creation and remember why it's all worth it. I loved my first pair so much I made one in almost every color and I'm still working on making more. Hope you love these steampunk inspired earrings as much as I do.  They will be available to purchase soon on my Etsy store.

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