Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flower Made From Plastic Forks

    I Enjoyed making the plastic spoon flowers so much, that I just had to make more! This time I used plastic forks and created this unique spider mum. Yep, that's right, I said plastic forks!! 

The techniques I used to create the spider mum were really similar to the ones I used in the Flowers made from Plastic Spoons tutorial.

  To make things easier on myself I started with the middle of the flower and taped the petals to the table when they were done. This way I could see what size the next layer of petals needed to be. I took my plastic fork heated and pulled the tips until they were stretched to the desired length. When all four tips were about the size I want, I broke the tips off of the head of the fork. From there I took one of the fork tips, I used the broken off end of the tip and made a tab. I used the tab to hold onto the tip when I held it over the fire. This is also how I tape the finished petal to the table, build, and glue the flower later. After I made the tabs, I took the tips one at a time and continued to heat and shape them. I stopped once they looked more like natural petals and curved slightly at the ends. I did this for all of the tips. taping them to the table when they were finished. I left the pedals taped to the table so I could paint them. When they dried I hot glued the petals together starting from the middle. This was a very time consuming flower to make, but it was so much fun. Hope you enjoyed this little peek at my spider mum and the basics of creating one. 

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