Thursday, October 29, 2015

Twisted Deadpool Makeup

Twisted Dead Pool makeup, created for a Halloween Contest on Instagram. 

The theme for the contest today was twisted Super Heroes & Villains. I had been wanting to do a Deadpool makeup for awhile, this seemed like the perfect opportunity. 

Products Used
  • Urban Decay-  Primer Potion and Backdoor and Blackout from the Smoked Palette
  • Sugar Pill- Love+ frome the Burning Heart Palette
  • Bh Cosmetiscs 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette 1st Edition
  • Elf- Translucent Mattifying Powder
  • Mehron Paradise Paint in  Beach Berry and Orchid
  • Graftobian Pro Paint in White Swan.
  • Wolfe Faceart FX- Charcoal, Blood, Bruise, Black, White, and Orc
  • Ben Nye- Bruise Wheel
  • Brushes- MadeULook brushes, Naked 2 brush, Electric palette brush, NYX b22 angled eyeliner brush, and craft brushes.

The first picture is the ohhhhh so flattering covered brow photo.*wink wink*  I covered my brows using the craft glue method and my Elf Translucent powder. I used to use white eyeliner to sketch everything out, until I tried using my favorite which you guys know by now is white swan from Graftobian. I water it down and just sketch out where I wanted everything. The white is amazing and can easily be blended away. I filled in all the red with Mehrons Beach Berry, smoothed the paint out a bit better with sugarpill Love+,  and started to add some shadows with Backdoor eye shadow from Urban Decay.   

I pretty much start working all over the place from here on. This usually happens when i don't really have a clear idea of what I want the finished makeup to look like. I work on a lot of areas and really try and get a feel for the looking to achieve. I added wolfe's black to the eye area and started in on highlighting with white swan. I was starting to get a little lost in the makeup, I needed it to come together, and start looking like something. 

The rest is just going back and fourth.... Adding highlight, shadow, carving everything out, and getting some solid details in there.

I'm not 100% happy about this makeup, I wanted the mouth to come out better. It got a little weird and uneven, but lets face it I'm never totally happy with any of my makeups... It's what drives me to do better and push harder. 

I've really fallen in love with the before and afters. It gives a chance to get a good look at all the changes I made to my face shape. On the more complicated illusion makeups it gives you the opportunity to find my face easier. Hope you're feelin it. Thank you for taking the time to check my blog out! Have a great day! 

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