Friday, February 20, 2015

Angel Earrings

 My latest obsession has been angel jewelry. I wanted people to be able to remember their loved ones in style.  I created this jewelry with the grieving women in mind.

I wanted to make stylish jewelry that had a large meaning for the person wearing them. I personally love to wear all kinds of styles of jewelry in every color. lol I saw a lack in what was out there for angel/memorial jewelry. To me it was all the same and they focused on this one piece to wear all the time. The idea of one piece to wear all the time was very unrealistic to me. So I created my own line of jewelry for the stylish grieving women who wont settle for just one color or  style of jewelry to represent their loved one. I hope you guys enjoy what I've come up with.    
The bottom loops on the earrings where the posts hang were handmade using a pattern my mother came up with. I usually don't make pieces like that. Most of the time its easier and faster to just buy some type of ornate piece to hang the posts from. I fell in love with these and the custom look they give the earrings. 

Green Angel Chandelier Earrings $17

Peach Angel Chandelier Earrings $15

Pink Angel Earrings $10

Miscarriage Angel Earrings and Necklace Set $30

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