Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Frankenstein Mask Tutorial

I've made a few masks in the past that were so complex and time consuming.  I didn't want to get as complicated with this Mask. I wanted to try something different with this mask and create it more as a prosthetic to be applied to the face.

  To make a quick form of my fiance Nicks face I covered all of it with press and seal. This stuff is wonderful for this kind of project. It makes life so much easier! Once I covered his face I took masking tape and cut it into tinny pieces and taped off the shape I wanted for the mask. I took the masking tape and press and seal off nicks face. I placed the mask onto a plain Halloween mask. I took clay and started to create the face shapes and textures I wanted. 
When I was satisfied I took my trusty press and seal again and covered the clay with it. This is when the press and seal really shines, because it has a slight tackiness to it that enabled me to get it into all the tiny cracks and crevices. I didn't have to worry about it moving around like regular plastic wrap would. I took  blue shop towels and tore them into tiny pieces to get them ready for paper mâché. I just used a simple glue and water mixture and started to paper mâché over the press and seal. The blue shop towels are amazing! They are very durable, but also flexible when you only put a few layers on. which was exactly what I needed for this particular project. 

The blue shop towels picked up all the details from the clay sculpt, but i wanted more texture. I added liquid latex all over the mask with a brush and dabbed it around to create bumpy textures. 

Then I painted it a ridiculous amount of times because I just couldn't make up my mind on how
I wanted it to look. Oh well I got to play around with new paint techniques.

I created a chest piece out of liquid latex, paper towels, toilet paper, and foam. I made layers of latex and toilet paper to mimic skin. I took strips of paper towels, rolled them into little snake like forms to make the veins, and covered them with latex. I had a solar light that I covered with green tissue paper and inserted that into the middle of the of the foam holder I made.

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